I’m going to spend the next few days deleting myself from Meta properties, along with LinkedIn.

Frustrating when you give someone advice, but not the answer they were hoping for, so they get offended and disagree. 🤷‍♂️

Now that COVID has been over in Australia for the best part of 12 months, you’d be forgiven for thinking people would return to their offices, but no, everyone is working from home still and complaining that I play music with a bit of volume during the day, when people would normally be at their offices…

It’s quite frustrating when you’re not allowed to be yourself even in your own home.


No idea why, no one thing started it, but I’m in an absolute filthy mood this afternoon. 🤯

Went fishing today, hit the water too late and pretty much caught nothing…

Remember when it used to be free to automatically share your posts from your WordPress site to X / Twitter, Facebook, etc. When did that go away? Is that part of Automattic spinning Jetpack out into it’s own product? Gotta be honest, don’t think I can justify spending $15 a month to share a post to a couple of social networks, and it doesn’t look like X is even one of the inbuilt ones, which presumably is to do with X and their developer API.

Found on Tumblr, will update credit once I know who the artist is.