Went fishing today, caught a pike on a Samaki vibe, got it alongside the boat and as I was netting it, it chewed through the braid. No fish, no lure, just me holding a rod in one hand and a net in the other, wondering what just happened…

Couple of screenshots of crazy bait balls from yesterdays lake session. Super thick white bait being cut apart by tailor.

Took the lad out fishing on the lake today, caught a few tailor and a solid flathead. Marked a couple of new spots too, keen to give them another try and see if they’re as productive…

Left my crab traps in overnight, went back out to get them this morning and 3 of the 4 traps had octopuses in them…chucked them back as I could be bothered with all the prep work to get them ready for the BBQ.

A small, approx. 4-5ft long, Hammerheadd Shark I caught this morning off of Moon Island, just off Swansea Heads.

Nothing much biting today, at least the weather was nice. ☀️

One of this mornings keepers, a 29cm Yellow Fin Bream, caught in Lake Macquarie.