The latest Instagram algorithm update has turned it into a steaming pile, and so with that, I’ll no longer be posting new content there. You can follow my blog or my Facebook page, which is where I’ll be posting my football photos and whatnot going forward.

Alder Park Sports Club – Muso Photos

We’re just about to update one of our function rooms down at Alder Park Sports Club with a bit of a music vibe, so I’m contributing a few images to the wall down there, but have had to re-edit them as black and whites so they work alongside the images we already have, so I figured I’d post them here too. Enjoy!

Back Creek, Gloucester

Back Creek, Gloucester

Every time I hear about the new variant.

Lunch time views at Valentine, NSW.

The best thing about this rainy weather is all the mushrooms popping up around the place.

I’m still so impressed, and a little dumbfounded, about how good that little “camera” is that I have in my pocket. 🤯

The Veronicas

So more photos, this time it’s The Veronicas at the Newcastle Entertainment Centre, way back in December 2007.

The Waifs

It’s World Photography Day today, so why not dig up and re-edit some photos from the past when I did a bit of music photography around Newcastle seeing as we’re currently in lockdown and can’t go out and shoot anything new.

So here are a couple of shots of The Waifs at the Civic Theatre in Newcastle, way back in October, 2007.