Decided to take the camera out this morning when we went to the skate park…been a long time since I’ve shot anything like this, will have to do it more often!

OS X, Lightroom, and the new Photos App:

Earlier this week, OS X 10.10.3 was released, which includes the much-anticipated new Photos app — Apple’s full replacement for both iPhoto and Aperture. 

I’ve been using Photos App for several months now (since the first beta was made available). It’s now a major part of my photography workflow, and, therefore, my life. 

So, here’s a basic outline of my workflow.

I quite like Kenneth’s workflow, I might adopt something similar with Lightroom CC and Apple Photos. Also doesn’t matter what device I’m on, it works on my MacBook Pro and iPad Pro.

The latest Lightroom update for the iPad is awesome, direct import from SD card is killer! My photography workflow is almost perfect, just need a way to backup the iPad when not online.

You get quite a different perspective of a city when you get out and shoot a photos at night. Basel has some fantastic lights around at the moment, lots of pretty Christmas lights too.