Arsenal are going to need to work out how to defend from set pieces around the 18-yard box, and they’re going to need to work out how to actually score.

I don’t think Brentford were that good today…but Arsenal were definitely that bad!

Arsenal’s marking on that throw in was a joke, 2 at the back post wide open. Leno stuck in a wrestle, but no one comes to help. 🤯

Ugh…in the opening 5 minutes, Arsenal look like the team that was promoted to the Premier League, not Brentford. 🤦‍♂️

Arsenal’s first half against Brentford was a disgrace. There’s going to need to be a few changes at halftime, be it tactics or personnel, for the Gunners to get back into the match.

We’ve had a flurry of new player signings at New Lambton FC in the last week or so since the WPL season wrapped up, one of them is Georgia Minors. The Club asked me to organise a signing announcement post for our social media, so we scheduled a quick shoot and here are the results.

All of the teams on the Northern League One side of New Lambton FC have made it through to the finals, and in the case of the 16’s and First Grade, they also won their Minor Premierships.

To celebrate the Minor Premierships, I designed up the following images for our Instagram and Facebook accounts. I’m pretty happy how they have turned out, particularly as I used the players names from each team to create the background.

And for our 13’s, 14’s, 15’s, 18’s, and Reserves, I made the below Instagram posts with their Preliminary Final game date/time information on them.

No. 2 Sportsground, Newcastle

It’s about time I charged the batteries and cleared the dust off my camera, it’s just another couple of weeks until we’re back to this, well not this park specifically, but football in general. ⚽️ 📷 📹

A quick edit from last nights pre-season friendly between New Lambton and Newcastle Olympic. ⚽️