🎥 Watching: X

In 1979, a group of young filmmakers set out to make an adult film in rural Texas, but when their reclusive, elderly hosts catch them in the act, the cast find themselves fighting for their lives.

Don’t waste your time, it was ordinary at best.

Giddy up! 🏇

The latest Instagram algorithm update has turned it into a steaming pile, and so with that, I’ll no longer be posting new content there. You can follow my blog or my Facebook page, which is where I’ll be posting my football photos and whatnot going forward.

Heavy rain clouds above Alder Park, New Lambton, while a game of football is being played.

Moments before it started bucketing down at Alder Park yesterday.

🎥 Just finished watching The Andy Warhol Diaries on Netflix. Was quite interesting how they used a voice actor and AI to have Andy narrate the series.

Here’s a poster I threw together super quickly for the New Lambton Eagles Old Boys & Sponsors Day. Pretty happy with how it turned out. 😉

Alder Park Sports Club – Muso Photos

We’re just about to update one of our function rooms down at Alder Park Sports Club with a bit of a music vibe, so I’m contributing a few images to the wall down there, but have had to re-edit them as black and whites so they work alongside the images we already have, so I figured I’d post them here too. Enjoy!

No Tips Today

Skipping the punting today, really want to sort out this website, or as much of it as possible, before Monday. Plus I’ve got some posters and photos to organise for New Lambton FC, so I need to give that some attention too.

Bets – Tamworth, Canberra, Ballarat

Here are my racing tips for Friday 24th June, racing at Tamworth, Canberra, and Ballarat. I’ve skipped the quinella’s today, but have included my Quaddie’s for Tamworth, Ballarat and Canberra. Happy punting.


Race 1 – 4. Montari EW (5th)
Race 3 – 3. Fanmalia EW (1st)
Race 4 – 11. Miss Nicolini EW (3rd)
Race 6 – 4. Zoulogist EW (2nd)

Quaddie – 1,4,7 / 2,4,6,10 / 1,8,9 / 1,5,9 ❌


Race 3 – 7. Janosik EW (9th)
Race 6 – 12. Rebel Dreamer EW (1st)
Race 7 – 10. All Formidable EW (7th)

Quaddie – 1,2,3,5 / 2,3,12 / 2,5,10 / 1,5,6,11


Race 6 – 7. Murrumbidgee River EW (9th)
Race 7 – 3. The Difference EW (5th) ❌
Race 8 – 7. Red Hawk () ❌

Quaddie – 1,2,5 / 3,7,11 / 3,6,9 / 5,6,7 ❌

* All my bets are placed on TAB.com.au in support of the Fair Play Coalition.