🔗 Natas Kaupas Documentary, On Video Winter 2003 | TransWorld SKATEboarding

In 2003, On Video’s Winter edition delved into the life and influence of Natas Kaupas. Several of your favorite pros, photographers, and industry heads weigh in on how Natas’ appeal shaped their view of skateboarding. The first wallrides, breaking the handrail barrier with Gonz, and of course that fire hydrant. Strictly brute.

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🔗 Free Soccer Skills Challenge-InZane football

Improve your football skills with these FREE drills from former Socceroo Clayton Zane. Every day for the next 19 days, we’ll post a new challenge for you to get you through isolation. Train alone, or with your family members and post your results and videos of your success here on our Facebook page. There will be regular prizes on offer for those who do. Get training.

2020-03-12 06.20.20

🔗 How to Create Perfect Selections in Affinity Photo

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Have you ever tried to remove the background of the photo, only to find that making a good selection is really tricky to do? We’ve all been there.

In this video, we’re going to learn powerful selection techniques, so that you can make PERFECT selections. It won’t be long before you’re removing backgrounds like a professional.

2020-02-23 22.58.56

After shooting 12 games of football on the weekend, approximately 3,500 photos, I am out of my feet today… 😑

2020-01-19 20.45.26

At about 2:30am this morning my HomePod started playing Friendly Ghost. The whole family was fast asleep, and I can’t recall the last time I listened to The Eels.

Is my house haunted? Should I be afraid? 👻