For some reason I thought that I should go back on Facebook over the weekend, and then I did…what a shit show that place is, and for the most part, it’s a shit show because of what friends of mine are posting/re-posting

Today I started being able to work from home twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday.

It’s been an interesting morning, I’ve done most of my weekend chores already, as well as answering all my work emails.

I’ve been very productive, all potential distractions considered…

So I’m finally making progress towards installing TiddlyWiki on my DreamHost VPS.

I’ve got shell access to my DreamHost VPS, I am able to install node.js, I can check the version installed, along with listing the other nvm modules that are installed…. And then I try to install install TiddlyWiki and just get slapped around with a bunch of npm errors, basically saying I need to be the root user.

Unfortunately, DreamHost doesn’t allow root access to the VPS product, I need to upgrade to a Dedicated Server, or move to their DreamCompute product, which are completely unmanaged, hence the allowance for root access.

Now I need to find a work around, which may involve having DreamHost run the installer for me, assuming they will, or I’ll need to look at relocating my server to Digital Ocean or somewhere similar.

Today is the day I work my way through DreamHost’s CLI documentation and join the ranks of those who TiddlyWiki.

This should be a good workout for my brain, I’ve very rarely used before, and when I have it’s usually been cut n paste scripting.