Rooting around on DreamHost VPS

So I’m finally making progress towards installing TiddlyWiki on my DreamHost VPS.

I’ve got shell access to my DreamHost VPS, I am able to install node.js, I can check the version installed, along with listing the other nvm modules that are installed…. And then I try to install install TiddlyWiki and just get slapped around with a bunch of npm errors, basically saying I need to be the root user.

Unfortunately, DreamHost doesn’t allow root access to the VPS product, I need to upgrade to a Dedicated Server, or move to their DreamCompute product, which are completely unmanaged, hence the allowance for root access.

Now I need to find a work around, which may involve having DreamHost run the installer for me, assuming they will, or I’ll need to look at relocating my server to Digital Ocean or somewhere similar.

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