Remember when it used to be free to automatically share your posts from your WordPress site to X / Twitter, Facebook, etc. When did that go away? Is that part of Automattic spinning Jetpack out into it’s own product? Gotta be honest, don’t think I can justify spending $15 a month to share a post to a couple of social networks, and it doesn’t look like X is even one of the inbuilt ones, which presumably is to do with X and their developer API.

Starting to have a play with Obsidian, looks like it can be anything and everything, just got to find your own workflow…typically, these type of apps don’t last long for me, I need an clear path to follow

Offline Curious – 500ish

What if kids are naturally better at moderating their own usage because they’ve grown up with these devices around their whole lives?

M.G. makes an interesting point…

The latest Lightroom update for the iPad is awesome, direct import from SD card is killer! My photography workflow is almost perfect, just need a way to backup the iPad when not online.