Alder Park Sports Club – Muso Photos

We’re just about to update one of our function rooms down at Alder Park Sports Club with a bit of a music vibe, so I’m contributing a few images to the wall down there, but have had to re-edit them as black and whites so they work alongside the images we already have, so I figured I’d post them here too.


Clare Bowditch playing guitar and singing into a microphone at a music festival.
Daniel Johns of Silverchair singing into a microphone and playing guitar in a shaft of light on a festival stage.
Singer, Deni Hines dancing on a stage lit from behind.
Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam singing into a microphone on a stage, staring into the lens.
A man playing guitar in a heavy metal band with wild hair surrounded by lots of smoke.
John Butler from John Butler Trio playing guitar on stage.

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