The ref is 2 seconds away from losing control of the match, a goal was just called offside, the player was onside, and the ref didn’t go to the VAR. Ridiculous! ⚽️

Watching the African Champions League 2nd leg between Esperance de Tunis and Wydad Athletic Club, there’s so many laser pointers in the crowd. Every time one of the Wydad players gets the ball, his face is hit by green lights, even more if he’s making an attacking run!

My bad back is not enjoying these cold mornings! And yes, I know it’s not that cold by some standards, but believe me, it’s well and truly cold by Australian standards.

It seems like only last week that I was complaining that it was too warm still for it to be so close to winter…

My stupid back is playing up today, was hoping to be able to go take photos at the @new_lambton_fc WPL game this afternoon, but I don’t think I’m up for it…

Oh and in other news, my 2017 MacBook Pro with TouchBar seems to be dying. Every time I open the lid to wake it, the screen flickers until I force power off and restart it. Fortunately, I have a backup Lenovo Yoga that is higher spec to use, guess I better relearn Windows.

Today we have @travispacker’s football games at 9:55 and 11:45am, then I have to finish setting up his Twitch streaming PC, and after that I’ll be editing photos on my Twitch stream…not sure what time that will be, I’ll post something when I go live.

Thanks for the kind words pre-day surgery, so far so good. Got a couple more days till I can feel the full results from the injections and what-not.

Back to regular life shortly, yay! 🙌