I’m on a mission to get my sh!t back together, i.e. get back in shape, so I’ve been working through re-setting up my account on Exist.io, getting the various QS logging apps on my iPhone up to date, and last but not least, sorting out a food logging app.

Here’s a quick, opinionated, overview of 3 apps that I’ve tested in the last 24 hours. The way I’m judging them is by ease of food input, integration with Apple Health, integration with a couple of “smart” health devices that I already own.

Lose It

An on-boarding issue prevented me from being able to use it. Apparently I had setup an account with them before, and I can’t recall the password, but it doesn’t let me try to reset it, and there’s no way to bypass it during on-boarding process on my iPhone. The other thing that irks me is that the height and weight is in imperial during the on-boarding, and doesn’t ask me if it’s like to change it.


Simple on-boarding process, collects your age, height, and weight, allows changing units to metric, and asks you how much you want to lose/gain, before presenting you with some dieting options, some free, some paid. Basic logging is quick and easy, it also includes the macros, which is important if you’re following a particular diet. Disappointingly, you can’t import recipes from a URL or another app, which sucks, and you also can’t log your foods via your account on their website, which also sucks, and makes me not want to use it.


On-boarding was simple, caveat – I’ve done it before. Metrics can be changed easily to kilograms and centimetres, it’s easy to choose between calories and kilojoules. My favourite feature is that you can easily import recipes from URLs, you can also log your foods via your account on their website, so you’re not stuck in a mobile-only place.

At this point, I’ll be sticking with MyFitnessPal due to the ease of entry mainly. It’s not the prettiest app, Lifesum wins that category, but functionality wise MFP has everything I want / need in it, now I just have to keep using it.

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