All Aboard the Wiki Train

Today’s tinker project is to setup TiddlyWiki.

I’ve decided that a wiki is a good place to locate all those little snippets of information I collect, which currently end up spread between plain text files in Dropbox, some marked up notes in, and an assortment of PDFs spread across Dropbox,, and a myriad of other locations.

A wiki is a good place to store this sort of information, I can get to it anywhere I have an Internet connection, using the Quine iOS app I can take files offline with me, along with being able create new files offline and sync them later.

Now for the real challenge;

  • do I use one of my existing domain names or do I buy a new domain?
  • if I use an existing domain, do I go the subdomain route?
  • do I make it public or do I keep it private?

Decisions, decisions!

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