Alcohol in the Hunter – more than 3000 treatments in a year | Newcastle Herald

The latest data shows 3306 “treatment periods” were sought for an alcohol problem in the region within a year.

The alcohol problem was followed by three illegal drugs. The data showed about 2223 “treatment periods” a year for amphetamines, 1739 for cannabis and 477 for heroin. 

This so-called “treatment period” refers to contact between a client and publicly-funded health service at government and non-government agencies.

Alcohol is clearly a huge issue here in Australia, and many other countries in the World, and whilst I think there is more and more education needed, I doubt that it will ever be an issue that gets solved as the Government makes so much money from it.

The other stat I find interesting is the number of people who entered into treatment for Cannabis. I bet that the vast majority of people who entered into a treatment “contract” did so to avoid a conviction being recorded against them as there is little to no evidence that cannabis causes issues anything like alcohol does.

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