Just ordered some dinner to take back to my hotel, decided to go for a wander while until it’s ready, I’m pretty happy that I did…just caught the very last of today’s sunset 馃寘 #sunset #Queensland #Caloundra #businesstravel #sunshinecoast #Australia

In Caloundra for a couple of nights, doing an installation at a local cardiology practice, here’s the obligatory “view from my hotel room” photo. Chose cheaper accommodation this trip, a couple of roads back from the waterfront…got too many emails to answer, quotes to send out, proposals to finish, don’t need the distractions of a gorgeous view 馃

Out spraying the chickpeas with my brother in law up in Queensland this afternoon. #farming #notme #wherefoodcomesfrom #queensland #vegan #vegetarian

Cracker of an afternoon to watch some football! C’mon @newcastlejetsfc ! #goJets #aleague #newvsbri

I frequently see these really long captions on Instagram, but I can’t seem to get it to work on my Instagram. I follow the rules of no spacing, no emojis after spaces, etc. but it just doesn’t seem to work properly for me.

Often I see people post long stories with paragraphs, actual paragraphs on an Instagram photo. Seriously, how does that even work, and why wouldn’t Instagram just let us post proper stories as our captions, they hide it all behind a “more” link anyway, why not support it out of the box instead?

#lotsofhastags #howmanyistoomany #notadogpic #notafoodpic #anotherunrelatedtag #howdoesoneinstagram #ineedacoffee

Melbourne is a pretty city when you stand back and have a look. #melbourne #smaconf16 #city #iphone #businesstravel #victoria

Somewhere between Perth and Adelaide, on my flight back to Sydney today. #businesstravel #qantas #southaustralia #frequentflyer #alwaysflying

Instagram has been weird for me the last 24 hours. I posted this photo with a description, the description deleted as soon as the image was live, then I started getting the dreaded “there’s a link in your post” error. The wasn’t any links in the post, there wasn’t even an emoji in the post. No idea what was going on. This morning I did some research, nothing conclusive as to what was causing the problem, so I tried liking a post from Instagram on my iPad, it worked…weird. So then I deleted Instagram from my iPhone, reinstalled it, and now I can like people photos again. It’s yet to be confirmed if I can edit / post a caption on this photo though…here goes nothing