Time to head home, really looking forward to seeing the family and sleeping in my own bed! ✈️

The view from my hotel room, the haze isn’t too bad this morning. 🌤 #businesstraveller #malaysia #kualalumpur #kl

Fantastic entree on QF41 this afternoon. How good does this Lemon Cured Kingfish look! Tasted amazing too! #qantasfood @qantas

Always a must have when I’m flying internationally! The Salt n Pepper Squid in the First Lounge. #businesstraveller #qantas #firstclass

Quite the sunset over Adelaide this evening, on board QF582. Thanks for being on time today @qantas 🤘🏻

Quite the sunrise this morning, at least it softened the blow of having to be at the airport so early. #businesstraveller #sunrise #sydney