Took the lad out fishing on the lake today, caught a few tailor and a solid flathead. Marked a couple of new spots too, keen to give them another try and see if they’re as productive…

Whilst I’ve not been a huge gambler, aside from when I was doing matched betting, I still had accounts at TAB, Dabble, Betfair, and others, on my phone and found myself putting $100 on here and there when I was bored.

So dumb.

So part of this ADHD thing is to remove as many of the bad triggers as possible…or at least slow access to them. With that in mind, my phone is now gambling app free.

Since getting my ADHD assessment the other day, everything has been turned up to 10,000 in my brain. I’m remembering all sorts of random incidents as far back as a 5 year old and now they all make sense to me, the incident, the reaction, the fallout…in a way it’s actually made it even more difficult to quiet my brain, but this is the pathway to a full diagnosis and treatment.

It’s just going to be a tough journey, hopefully a better me on the other side.

Started down the pathway of getting my self-diagnosed ADHD formally diagnosed and treated, it’s at a point now where I’m either constantly depressed or overachieving and on top of the world. There is little to no middle ground anymore.

Dear Neighbours,

I apologise for singing such hair metal classics like Alice Cooper – Poison, Black Sabbath – Crazy Train, Motley Crüe – Kickstart My Heart, Warrant – Cherry Pie, and Van Halen – Jump, amongst others, at the top of my voice this morning…