🏀 Dang, Golden State’s defence was just ridiculously good tonight, Rockets just couldn’t get open shots in the 2nd half.

@Miraz it seems if I use the reply response from the Post Kinds WP plugin the result doesn’t contain any text. This reply is coming from Quill, the web app that @aaronpk built.

@Miraz now that it’s working again, I’m trying to send another webmention from an external site.  @shindakun

⚽️ That was a woeful performance by the Jets tonight, something’s gotta change, and soon! #PERvNEW #ALeague #MadeOfNewcastle

@shindakun hmmm, interesting…let’s try another test and see if this response arrives. When I pasted the link to reply to, [micro.blog/shindakun…](https://micro.blog/shindakun/7340456,) into the Response Properties field in WP this time it seemed to parse a lot more information. I wonder if there was something wrong in the previous configuration…

I’m also going to post the text into the Excerpt field to see if that has any effect.